Committees for newcomers

Committees for intermediate delegates

Committees for advanced delegates


General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Committee ( Committee for intermediate and advanced delegates )

       ⁃       Assessing and minimizing the risks of cyber attacks against States

       ⁃       The resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan

       ⁃       Reviewing the implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee ( Committee for intermediate and advanced delegates )

       ⁃       Setting the boundaries of foreign involvement in Syria

       ⁃       The dispute between Hungary and Romania in regard to the autonomy of Transylvania

       ⁃       The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through the lens of reconciliation, lasting peace, and decolonization

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee ( Committee for newcomers and intermediate delegates)

       ⁃       The question of human rights violations in the Philippines

       ⁃       Discrimination against LGBT communities in the Russian Federation

       ⁃       The humanitarian crisis in YEMEN

Legal Committee ( Committee for advanced delegates )

       ⁃       The Legal aspects of negotiations and agreements between States and terrorist organizations

       ⁃       Evaluating the right of States to determine their own immigration policy

       ⁃       Adopting uniform regulations on digital currencies


Non GA Committees

African Union ( Committtee for intermediate delegates )

       ⁃       The political crisis in Zimbabwe

       ⁃       Combating governmental corruption in Africa

       ⁃       Blue economy and sustainable development in the African Continent

Security Council ( Committee for advanced delegates )

       ⁃       The situation in Taiwan

       ⁃      The autonomous state of Kurdishtan

International Court of Justice

       ⁃      Republic of Marshall Islands vs. United Kingdom, India, Pakistan

Historical Crisis Committee ( Committee for advanced delegates )

       ⁃       Turmoil in Paris: The First French Republic is established (1792)

Economic and Social Council ( Committee for intermediate and advanced delegates )

       ⁃       Establishing an international  framework for the provision of financial aid to Nations affected by natural disasters

       ⁃       Assessing the threats posed by a trade war

       ⁃       Promoting and encouraging the implementation of alternatives to imprisonment

United Nations Environment Programme ( Committee for newcomers )

       ⁃       Promoting a sustainable waste disposal management system in developing countries

       ⁃       Ensuring environmental protection within the tourism industry

       ⁃       Gender equality and women’s empowerment in sustainable development

Young Delegates Forum ( Committee for newcomers )

       ⁃       Improving primary education in less developed countries

       ⁃       Encouraging the youth’s participation in politics

       ⁃       Artificial intelligence: a mixed blessing