Committees for newcomers

Committees for intermediate delegates

Committees for advanced delegates


General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Committee ( Committee for intermediate delegates )

       ⁃         Assessing and minimizing the risks of biological warfare

       ⁃         The proliferation of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles 

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee ( Committee for intermediate delegates )

       ⁃         The situation of the Rohingya people in Myanmar

       ⁃         The question of referenda aiming at the establishment of independent states

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee ( Committee for newcomers )

       ⁃         Tackling violations of the freedom of political expression

       ⁃         Labour conditions in the Least Developed Countries ( LDCs )

Legal Committee ( Committee for advanced delegates )

       ⁃         Criminal accountability of UN Officials and experts on mission

     ⁃       Assessing and strengthening the existent legal framework for combating transnational narcotic drugs trade


Non GA Committees

Union of South American Nations ( Unión de Naciones Suramericanas ) ( Committtee for intermediate delegates )

       ⁃         The situation in Venezuela

       ⁃         Assessing high crime rates in South America

Security Council ( Committee for advanced delegates )

       ⁃         The Nagorno Karabakh Dispute

International Court of Justice

       ⁃         TBA

Historical Crisis Committee ( Committee for advanced delegates )

       ⁃         Turmoil in Havana (1959): Fidel Castro takes control over Cuba

The EU – UK Brexit Negotiations Board ( Committee for advanced delegates )

       ⁃         Could the UK remain in the common market?

       ⁃         A UK – EU security deal

Economic and Social Council ( Committee for intermediate and advanced delegates )

       ⁃         Assessing the consequences of Free Trade Agreements

       ⁃         Exploring the possibilities of Joint Maritime Development Regimes

United Nations Environment Programme ( Committee for newcomers )

       ⁃         Strengthening environmental governance in Least Developed Countries ( LDCs )

       ⁃         Reviewing the protection of endangered wildlife

World Health Organisation Executive Board ( For both newcomers and intermediate delegates )

       ⁃         Development of global standards for responding to epidemics

       ⁃         Promoting medical research in Africa and Asia

Young Delegates Forum ( Committee for newcomers )

       ⁃         Protecting the freedom of religion

       ⁃         Access to education in war zones