Fees & payment

  • Due to the fact that the conference is held in November deadlines will be strictly followed.
  • Early and late registration is introduced. Deadlines
  • Country allocation will be implemented one or two days after the fees are paid and proof of paying is sent to the conference.


Delegate Fees

  • 50€ per delegate, Early Registration
  • 60€ per delegate, Late Registration


The fees are settled to 40 € per advisor.

The participation fee for student officers is 40 €.

There are no fees for the delegation as a whole.

How to pay

The payment will be carried out electronically at the following bank account:

Alpha Bank. 101002002175796
IBAN: GR63 0140 1010 1010 0200 2175 796
Reference: ATSMUN2018 <School name or Individual name>

The delegations are requested to e-mail or FAX the payment receipt.

Μόνο για τους Έλληνες συμμετέχοντες (For the Greek partcipants only):

Θα χρειαστεί για κάθε συμμετέχοντα να στείλετε σε πίνακα στο info@atsmun.gr και τα εξής πρόσθετα στοιχεία:

α) Ονοματεπώνυμο (γονέα),
β) Α.Φ.Μ. (γονέα),
γ) Διεύθυνση (γονέα).