General Assembly Committees (GA)

  • GA1 Disarmament Committee
  • GA2 Special Political and Decolonization Committee
  • GA3 Social Humanitarian Committee
  • GA4 Legal Committee

Non GA Committees

  • WHO World Health Organisation
  • ECOSOC Economic and Social Council
  • UNEP Environmental Committee
  • YDF Young Delegates Forum
  • SC Security council
  • ICJ International court of Justice

Applied to this year’s Web Edition of the Conference:

  • Only one topic will be discussed in the committees.
  • The committees will follow the THIMUN rules.
  • Experts talks and fun activities will be implemented.
  • The delegates that will participate in the International Court of Justice will be prepared online by Robert Stern, a renowned ICJ coordinator.
  • More information on the committees will be issued in due time.