Fees & Payment

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that our conference will be held exclusively online, the fees for this year are settled as follows:



Advisors / Student Officers


*All the bank charges, including any commission, miscellaneous expenditure, interbank transaction expenses, bank transfer as well as any possible Paypal service costs, charge only the applicants and not the conference.
** There are no fees for the delegation as a whole.
*** Refund or changes are not entertained a month before the conference.

Fees include:

  • Participation in the conference with a certificate of attendance
  • Workshops
  • Technical support
  • Keynote speakers
  • Access to your online room through a secure-based platform

Important notice for Schools and Institutions: After you have submitted Form I, your registration is confirmed after 50% of the fees of the delegates have been deposited.

Example: if you have registered 8 delegates in your Form I, you should deposit 80 euros (8 delegates x 20 euros => 160 euros, 50% = 80 euros)

Important notice for Individuals: After you have submitted the application form, your registration is confirmed after 100% of the fees have been deposited.



How to pay

The payment can be carried out in two ways:


  1. By direct or electronic bank deposit:


Beneficiary Address: 5 PESMAZOGLOU STR., 10564 ATHENS, GREECE


Currency: EURO

IBAN: GR6301401010101002002175796



  1. By transferring the amount of the fee through to our school Headmaster’s account:

email: mpetrakisars@gmail.com

name: Emmanouil Petrakis


In either case, it is important you state “ATSMUN_Your School Name” (for school delegations) or “ATSMUN_Name/Surnameof the delegates and not of the person depositing the fees.

You are then requested to e-mail the payment receipt toinfo@atsmun.grto finalize your registration.