Study Guides

General Assembly

Disarmament Commitee

       ⁃       The situation in Libya: Ratification of unilateral intrastate memoranda

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee

       ⁃       The question of resolving the Israeli settlements in the West Bank

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (GA3)

       ⁃       Racism in the face of the expanding viruses

Legal Committee (GA4)

       ⁃       Data management and the role of media in the fight against corruption


Non GA Committees

World Health Organization

       ⁃      Combating modified and evolving viruses: misinformation and false narratives

Economic and Social Council

       ⁃      Climate immigrants a new global challenge

Security Council

       ⁃      The situation in Belarus

United Nations Environmental Programme

       ⁃      Towards sustainable tourism in the light of climate change and potential pandemics

Young Delegates Forum (for junior high school delegates only)

       ⁃      Promoting civil responsibility: a duty to one’s country, community and the world

ICJ – International Court of Justice

       ⁃      A little law brief