Study Guides

General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Committee

       ⁃       Reevaluating the Nuclear and Missile Programs of D.P.R.K.
       ⁃       Addressing the role of science and technology in the context of international peace and security
       ⁃       Addressing the Kashmir region issue

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee

       ⁃       The issue of foreign state involvement in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as means of neo-imperialism
       ⁃       The issue of independence of autonomous regions in Europe
       ⁃       Greece-N. Macedonia: International impact of interstate memoranda towards resolving long-standing crises

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee

       ⁃       Establishing global standards for prisoner rights and prison conditions
       ⁃       Addressing the issue of global bioethics and reproductive rights
       ⁃       The contribution of an active and healthy ageing towards the implementation of the 2030 agenda on Sustainable Development Goals

Legal Committee

       ⁃       Establishing a legal framework for diplomatic and political asylum for dissidents
       ⁃       The return of the Parthenon Marbles
       ⁃       The question of government access to personal data held by the private sector

Non GA Committees

Association of Southeast Asian Nations Committee

       ⁃       Economic and environmental devastation in Malaysia
       ⁃       The issue of South China Sea
       ⁃       Collaboration with civil society to eradicate violence against children

Economic and Social Council

       ⁃       Generation 2030: True leadership to ensure the implementation of the Sustainable Goals
       ⁃       Energy efficiency as a means to financial growth
       ⁃       Ensuring access to legal abortion services

Historical Security Council

       ⁃      1991, Balkans: Slovenian and Croatian independence igniting the Balkan War

       ⁃      1991, The dissolution of the Soviet Union and its repercussions

International Labour Organization

       ⁃       The potential of technology in addressing labor force gaps
       ⁃       The issue of collective bargaining in the developing countries
       ⁃       Abolition of forced labor worldwide

Security Council

       ⁃       The situation in Somalia
       ⁃       Old and new challenges in the Caucasus region

United Nations Environment Programme

       ⁃      Tackling the issue of the plastics in the marine environment
       ⁃      Addressing the environmental policies of the U.S.A. under current administration
       ⁃      E-waste disposal in Less Economically Developed Countries

Young Delegates Forum (for junior high school delegates only)

       ⁃       Volunteerism as a powerful means of engaging people in development issues
       ⁃       Ensuring youth employment and education towards strengthening democracy
       ⁃       The role of women in preventing violent extremism