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Maximilien Robespierre, French RepublicNapoleon Bonaparte, French RepublicLouis XVI, King of FranceGeorge III, King of Great BritainFrancis II, Emperor of the Holy Roman EmpireFrederick William II, King of PrussiaCatherine II, Tsar of the Russian EmpireGeorge Washington, President of the United States of AmericaCharles IV, King of SpainMaria I, Queen of PortugalChristian VII, King of Denmark-NorwayGustav IV Adolph, King of SwedenSelim III, Sultan of the Ottoman EmpirePius VI, Pope, Leader of the Papal StateFerdinand IV, King of Naples-SicilyWilliam V, King of the United NetherlandsLudovico Manin, Doge of the Republic of VeniceStanislav Poniatovski, King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

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