ICJ Application Form

Application for consideration as ICJ Judge/Advocate

Students are invited to apply to act as President, Judge, Registrar or Advocate at the ATS MUN 2019. Students should complete the first form below [Form (1)] and their MUN Director or Advisor should complete the second [Form (2)].

Advisors will be informed as soon as possible once a decision has been reached.

Form 1

If the VAT Registration Number belongs to the parent, please fill in the following field.

There will be between 15 and 19 judges of the court (including the President(s) and Registrar) and two pairs of Advocates.

PLEASE NOTE: Those applying for a position as advocate please be aware that there must be at least one other student from your school also applying as advocate as you are chosen as a team. Where there is more than one application from one school, MUN-Directors will be asked to rank order.


Please be aware that students applying for the ICJ will be expected to read up on the court and its procedures before the conference (a brief will be sent to each successful applicant) and they must be able to attend the workshop at 19:00-21:00 pm in a central hotel TBA on Thursday evening of the conference.

Form 2

ICJ Recommendation from MUN Director/Advisor