ATSMUN 2018 strikes a fine balance between the simulation of some standard UN Committees and other International or Regional Organisations.

In order to empower delegates to make the most out of their participation, the committees of the third edition of ATSMUN  are ranked in three levels, suitable for newcomers, intermediate and advanced delegates. However, this distinction is neither definite nor binding. It ultimately comes down to the Advisor’s or the delegates’ discretion to deem which committee suits their interests and skills best. The ranking of the committees into different levels is based on assessing the objective difficulty and complexity of their respective agenda.

On the basis of the feedback we received in ATSMUN 2017, we added a new Committee to our simulation list, The Young Delegates Forum ( YDF ), particularly aimed at very young participants ( I.g. First or Second class of Secondary School ). It is a fictional Forum with its own agenda items and simplified rules of procedure. Yet, participants will still be representing countries in a formal MUN style debate.

Participation in the YDF is not mandatory. If your allocated country has a seat in the said committee but there are no delegates wishing to take it, then this seat will be reassigned.

Example: Your assigned country is Afghanistan, which is represented by 6 delegates ( 4 in GA committees, 1 in the ECOSOC, 1 in the YDF ). Provided that there are no delegates requesting a seat in the YDF, Afghanistan will be represented by 5 delegates ( 4 in GA committees, 1 in the ECOSOC ). The extra delegate can be assigned with another representation or be integrated in a different delegation of your School.

Below, you can find the committees under each category. For certain committees, extra information is being provided.


Committees for newcomers

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee ( SoCuHum )

United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP ): A UN Agency concerned with environmental issues

Young Delegates Forum ( YDF )


Committees for intermediate delegates

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee ( SpecPol )

Disarmament and International Security Committee ( DiSec )

Economic and Social Council ( ECOSOC )



Committees for advanced delegates

Legal Committee ( LC )

Economic and Social Council ( ECOSOC )

Security Council ( SC ): The Crown Jewel of ATSMUN. Last year’s simulation received 95% positive feedback as it functioned on the basis of the real UN SC rules of procedure and we intend to do exactly the same in ATSMUN 2018! It is going to be a unique experience for all the participating delegates.

Historical Crisis Committee ( HCC ): Another innovative forum of ATSMUN 2018. If you want to feel what a crisis committee in some of the world’s largest MUNs looks like, then the HCC is the right place for you! The year is 1959 and comandante Fidel Castro has just entered Havana, ousting dictator Batista and establishing a communist regime in Cuba. The participants of the HCC will get a chance to represent personalities like Castro, Kruschev, Eisenhower, Tito of Yugoslavia, Charles de Gaulle as well as Mao Zedong and literally rewrite history. It will be full of crises, tensions, real world politics and decision making, even war!