Country List

Please note: UNICEF seats are given upon demand in FORM 1 / Individual Application Form and therefore are not included in this list.

Countries in grey are no longer available.

Afghanistan – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Albania – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

Angola – (GA1) (GA3) (ECOSOC) (COP28)

Australia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Argentina – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (COP28) (UNDP)

Armenia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (COP28)

Austria – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (COP28)

Bangladesh – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Belarus – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP)

Belgium – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

Bolivia – (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (UNEP) (COP28)

Bosnia and Herzegovina – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6)

Brazil – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

Burkina Faso – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC)

Brunei – (GA3) (UNDP)

Bulgaria – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP)

Burundi – (GA3)

Cambodia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (UNDP) (COP28)

Cameroon – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Canada – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Central African Republic – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Chad – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Chile – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (COP28)

Colombia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Costa Rica – (GA1) (GA6) (UNEP)

Croatia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (COP28)

Cuba – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

Cyprus – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6)

Czech Republic – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

Denmark – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (COP28) (UNEP)

Dominican Republic – (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

DPR Korea [DPRK] – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6)

DR Congo – (GA3) (GA4) (GA6)

Ecuador – (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (SC)

Egypt – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

El Salvador – (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Equatorial Guinea – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Estonia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP)

Eswatini – (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Ethiopia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (UNEP) (UNDP) (ECOSOC)

Finland – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

France – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

Gabon – (GA4) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

Germany – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Ghana – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (COP28) (SC)

Greece – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Guatemala – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (UNDP)

Guyana – (UNEP) (COP28)

Haiti – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (UNEP) (COP28)

Honduras – (GA3) (GA4) (UNDP)

Hungary – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP)

Iceland – (GA4) (UNEP) (ECOSOC) (UNDP)

India – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Indonesia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

Iraq – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC)

Ireland – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (COP28) (SC)

Islamic Republic of Iran – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Israel – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

Italy – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Jamaica – (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP)

Japan – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (UNEP) (COP28) (SC)

Jordan – (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (ECOSOC) (COP28)

Kenya – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Kuwait – (UNDP) (COP28)

Laos – (GA3) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Latvia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Lebanon – (GA1) (GA3) (UNEP) (ECOSOC) (UNDP)

Libya – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC)

Lithuania – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (COP28)

Luxembourg – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP)

Madagascar – (UNEP) (UNDP)

Mali – (GA1)

Malawi – (GA3) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Malaysia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (UNEP)

Malta – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (SC)

Moldova – (GA4)

Marshall Islands – (GA4) (UNDP)

Mexico – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Mongolia – (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Morocco – (GA1) (ECOSOC) (UNEP)

Mozambique – (GA3) (UNEP) (UNDP) (SC)

Myanmar – (GA1) (GA3)

Nepal – (GA3) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP)

Netherlands – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

New Zealand – (GA1) (GA3) (GA6) (UNEP) (COP28)

Nicaragua – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Nigeria – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Norway – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (UNDP) (ECOSOC)

Pakistan – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Palestine – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP)

Panama – (GA3) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Papua New Guinea – (GA4) (UNDP)

People’s Republic of China – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

Peru – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP)

Philippines – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Poland – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (COP28)

Portugal – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP)

Qatar – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

Republic of Korea – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Romania – (GA1) (GA3) (GA6)

Russian Federation – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

Rwanda – (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNDP)

Saudi Arabia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (ECOSOC) (COP28)

Senegal – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (UNEP)

Serbia – (GA1) (GA6)

Sierra Leone – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC)

Singapore – (GA3) (GA4) (UNDP) (COP28)

Slovakia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6)

Slovenia – (GA3) (GA4) (UNEP)

Somalia – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

South Africa – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

Spain – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (COP28)

Sri Lanka – (GA3) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Sudan – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Sweden – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28)

Switzerland -(GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (COP28) (SC)

Syrian Arab Republic – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNDP)

Taiwan – (GA3) (GA4) (UNDP)

Thailand – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (COP28)

Tunisia – (GA6) (ECOSOC)

Turkey – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Uganda – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC)

Ukraine – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (UNDP) (COP28)

United Arab Emirates – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

United States of America – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP) (COP28) (SC)

Uruguay – (UNDP) (UNEP)

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)

Vietnam – (GA1) (GA3) (GA4) (GA6) (COP28)

Yemen – (GA1) (GA3) (ECOSOC) (UNDP) (COP28)

Zimbabwe – (GA4) (ECOSOC) (UNEP) (UNDP)