ATSMUN 2019 strikes a fine balance between the simulation of some standard UN Committees and other International or Regional Organisations.

On the basis of the feedback we received, we have added a new Committee to our simulation list, the Young Delegates Forum (YDF), particularly aimed at very young participants (Junior High School students only, with little or no MUN experience). It is a fictional Forum with its own agenda items and simplified rules of procedure. Yet, participants will still be representing countries in a formal MUN style debate.

Participation in the YDF is not mandatory. If your allocated country has a seat in the said committee but there are no delegates wishing to take it, then this seat will be reassigned.

Example: Your assigned country is Afghanistan, which is represented by 6 delegates (4 in GA committees, 1 in the ECOSOC, 1 in the YDF). Provided that there are no delegates requesting a seat in the YDF, Afghanistan will be represented by 5 delegates (4 in GA committees, 1 in the ECOSOC). The extra delegate can be assigned with another representation or be integrated in a different delegation of your School.

For this year’s edition, we have introduced three new committees: the Historical Security Council (HSC), the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Committee.

As far as the other committees are concerned, it comes down to the Advisor’s or the delegates’ discretion to deem which committee suits their interests and skills best, assessing the objective difficulty and complexity of the issues.