Press Team Application Form

What is the Press Team?

The Press Team plays a special role during the conference, making sure the delegates are always up-to-date with the current events and proceedings in all the different committees and that we keep the records of intensive negotiations.

The Press Team is also responsible for creating the MUN Newspaper which covers the work of the forums as well as the various aspects of the conference. The paper is published daily during the conference.

Why join the Press Team?

Since all the committees are simultaneously in session it’s up to the journalists of the Press Team to inform the rest of the conference about the work in each committee. The press team is the key observer, responsible for presenting the discussions and the debate concerning the issues of the agenda.

How does the Press Team work?

Each journalist works individually and as part of a team, reporting impartially, accurately and vividly the performance of the committees. A general overview of the issues concerning the global community and the agenda specifically is essential in order to work efficiently.

What do I have to do to join the Press Team?

If you are comfortable using the English language...
If you wish to experience MUN from a different angle...
If you feel you have the potential and the passion to be a member of the press team...
Apply for a position in the Press Team!

Students interested in a position in the Press Team will be selected through a procedure including both a personal interview and a written composition.

An excellent command of English is demanded of all candidates.

The MUN Newspaper will be managed by a team of students in cooperation with a member of the Executive Team.

1. Send your application

The application procedure is carried out through the online press application form.

2. Interview dates

ATTENTION - The interview selection process will be announced shortly. Applicants that fail to attend will not be eligible. Be very careful, therefore, not to miss any further announcements either by checking the website and/or your e-mail account!

Successful candidates will be informed directly and their names will be posted on this page.



If you are applying as a photographer, please send us up to 4 professional photographs from your collection in order for us to evaluate your work. The photos must be of high quality. You must send them at The subject must be phrased as "ATSMUN Photographer Application". The files must be separate and named as "Photograph 1 e.t.c".